West Coast Trail: Logan's Creek Bridge full span
Though remote and seemingly isolated the west coast trail isn’t a scary place. We didn’t see and bears or cougars, and the only real living thing that scared me besides this chipmonk at about KM 40 was my wife’s jokes. (insert video) While ruggedly beautiful, it’s truly scary moments are few and far between. However, the Logan creek crossing is definitely not for the faint of heart.

west coast trail: crossing logan creek suspension bridge

Outside of anything shelf related, it is the scariest place on the trail. You start the whole event with a 3 – 4 story ladder decent. Now, depending on the direction you come from there is the scary decent and the “real scary” decent, which I would say would be the south side. We came from the north, so our decent was only scary (don’t worry there are a couple of platforms to break it up), deposited us directly onto the bridge. The bridge feels sturdy, at least until you get into the middle of it all and the things begins to bounce because some alleged friend decides to heavy foot-it across. The bridge spans about 100m across the gorge and has an elevation of about 50m. Then for added fun, you get to go up but not in a comfy way. The ladder is on the side of a rock face and kinda tilts towards the bad direction (down). Once to the top and looking down you realize just how cool of event that was.

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