West Coast Trail Sore Feet

It goes without saying that your feet will receive most of the punishment from hiking the west coast trail. The first rule of the west coast trail foot club is avoid blisters at almost all costs. I managed to ignore that rule and ended up with two, one on the outside of each big toes the first day! Thought, with the help of my wife I was able to manage the blisters so finishing the west coast trail wasn’t painful. I really wish I had gotten a photo or video of them because by the end of day two they were pretty big. They didn’t hurt but they were big. I even managed not to pop them. The blisters just subsided over the rest of the trip and by the time we got back to Calgary were pretty much gone.

Three big things I ignored on my path to blisterness!

Ignored foot hotspots

I never felt the usual pain associated with hotspots but I did fell a slight discomfort, barely noticeable.

I didn’t check my feet

When I did notice the discomfort I didn’t stop and check my feet for spots showing redness or irritation. And more importantly didn’t take a moment to dry my feet during the day to reduce the friction.

Adjust my Boots

I also failed to significantly adjust my boots to the pressure that my feet were feeling after a few hours.

Foot Care Tips – Get into a habit of taking care of your feet

a thin moisture-wicking liner sock wore next to the skin will pull away the sweat from your foot reducing friction.

Experiment with different lacing techniques of your boots.

If areas of your feet are prone to hotspots, apply moleskin or my favourite – duct tape- to the potentially affected areas.

trim your toenails, also learned the hard way.

Clean your socks and feet regularly as dirt and grime can contribute to blistering.

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