No, one person can definitely manage a cable car but multiple people helping will make the crossing(s) go much faster. Our technique of sending one person accross with the packs and then sending people over allowed our group to function pretty quick. With many hikers, either platform can become crowded quickly so getting people and packs off platforms efficiently greatly reduced .

More specifically to cable car operation, a certain base technique can be applied. Each cable car is limited to two individuals. And, If two people are available, one person should hold the car steady at the platform, while the other person loads the packs into the centre of the car. That person then boards the car and in most cases will require a shove off from the platform. The car will usually coast quickly along to the centre, or low point of the cable. Avoid bouncing, or flailing arms, as these can cause the car or your fingers to disengage. The real work begins halfway, as effort is now required to haul the car to the opposite shore. Generally it will be easier for out-car people to pull the car than for the in-people in the car, so always try to have someone pulling from one or both platform. The design of the cable car system (clothes-line-estc) allows for people on either platfoprm to pull the car acccross.


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