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While not impossible to get lost, it would be very difficult to do it successfully. There are times which seem like you’ve strayed from the trail but once off the trail you’ll know it, because you will be either very wet or very leafy. The trail itself is for the most part wide, debris free, and well maintained.

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You will likely find that more difficult section of trail to follow is the interior trail at the south end (the Port Renfrew/Gordon river), it is the most rugged section of the trail and and has sections of trail that cross rock and rubble.

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When on the beach sections you won’t worry as much about getting lost but missing you entrance point. In most sections you can just bush whack your way back onto the trail, but most places have a well defined “enter here” sign. This sign comes in the form of a hanging array of washed ashored boat bouys that get hung in the trees near these entrance points.

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