West Coast Trail:

Quick View!

  • Can Reserve tickets 3 months in advance for June 15 to Sept 15; May 1 to Jun 14 and September 16 – 30 no reservations necessay, but over night permit still required,
  • Only 60 hikers start each day, 30 from each side. However, some tour groups get special permission to send more,
  • Stand-by room on first come first serve basis and as room permits,
  • Permit price C$127.50/person in 2011, $24.50 registration fee, 30$ ferries fee,
  • 70+ ladders, 100+ bridges, 4 cable cars,
  • Multiple routes to choose froim, inland or sea,
  • you must carry everything you will need, and leave nothing,
  • There are three restaurants on the trail that serve everything from fresh salmon to beer,
  • West Coast Trail can be miserably wet and exposed,
  • A Guidebook is essential,
  • Not surprisingly your footware and make or break the enjoyment of the hike!

Experience the most spectacular wilderness Canada has to offer by hiking the west coast trail on Vancouver Island, BC. Prepare for an unforgettable experience, alternating from thunderous surf and serene quiet of old growth forest.

Climb precarious ladders, cross the famous Logan River suspension bridge, wade mud bogs, walk the boardwalk through local native reserve, ride cable cars, scramble slippery ocean boulders, skip along drift logs, race changing tide, cross sandstone shelf, skirt dangerous surge channels, or poke along the tide pools.

Make sure you have plenty of space on your memory card as you’ll be blown away by the scenic splendour. Starting on the beaches, bays, coves, crossing creeks & cliffs to skirting along storm-chiselled caves, waterfalls and sandstone formations.

Along the west coast trail you might see bears and cougars, but from the moonscape geology will emerge some of the largest most beautiful wildlife Canada has to offer in humpback whales, gray whales, seals and sea lions. There are plenty of shore birds and small woodland creatures to provide campsite entertainment.

More than flora, and fauna await you on the west coast trail. Hikers come from all over the world every year to hike the West Coast Trail. Dutch, German, Japanese, English, and many more nationalities descend to the area. Most are friendly, but many are sociable.

Even if you walk the trail by yourself you are not alone. The local aboriginal tribes act as guides and rangers, an can often be seen walking the trail.

It is wonderful to access coastal wilderness so quickly & easily from a major city, Victoria, BC. is just minutes from the southern end of the west coast trail.

Top view Points On The West Coast Trail

  • Two major sea lion haulouts,
  • The boulders scrambling between Thrasher and Owen Point,
  • The Sandstone Creek scramble,
  • Sea stacks along the coast,
  • Historic lighthouses at Carmanah Point & Pachena Point.
  • Chez Monique’s,
  • Nitinat Narrows crossing with a crab shack meal,
  • Hole in the Wall at Tsusiat Point.
  • Logan Creek Suspension Bridge,
  • Tsusiat Falls,
  • the Valencia Bluffs, and mini, elevate3d suspention bridge overlooking the sea,
  • Cable car crossings at various creek and river crossings.